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Dear Sir,
After passing my CMA P2 exam I actually realized impossible things could be made possible by hard work and proper guidance. Sir, without your guidance I could have never been able to pass my P2 exam.
Though my P1 is yet to cleared but I thought I should share my journey experience with IPFC.
It seems IPFC Team and Sir is a boon for CMA aspirants. Once a candidate takes admission to IPFC and follows the path shown by Sir , he\she is bound to get success in a short span of time.I myself wasted 2 valuable years/attempts not listening to Sir and following my own way of study. On my third attempt I blindly followed Sir's guidelines and passed P2.

Few Tips to Pass the Exam:

  • Forget old method of study and follow exactly what Sir says. No need to do much.
  • Revise class notes and excel sheets and internalize each and every word.
  • Attempt all homework and mock and retake to increase attainment.
  • A bit of commitment is required for any goal to achieve.

~Thanks and Regards
Vikas Gupta
Supervisor - Accounts Receivables - Convergys Corporate Finance - Gurgaon

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Dear Sush Sir,
First of all, accept my apology for the delay to write you.
I have no words to expresss my gratitude for your passion in teaching that drive me to success. It was very hard, re-starting study after a long gap from ICWAI Inter in 2008, also was an unfulfilled dream.
Thank you Sush Bala sir and IPFC team for this great achievement in my life.
You continous motivation did not stop me from this achievement.
In my opinion, the course doesnot require a long time to finish. 2 months hard efforts along with your class will be enough for completing a Part, that mean 4-6 months enough for the course. A big challenge was preparing my mind and self motivated needed more time and thats why I applied for Re-registration. A 6 months non stop hard work and practicing will take to the goal. All the working class people will be facing same issue of mine. Another challenge would be in common, making a fresh student more practical and matured.
Along with the course, rather than the contents, IMA has its own language and style in exam questions that may tend to increase the tense for many and reasons to fail. A dead man’s approach make life easy and along with a good practice in back up will help try well in exam. Your new approach of micro mock is making our life more easier than before.
A discussion session after each mock will be self motivating for lazy students like me to learn mistakes and also for fresh students.

~Thanks and Regards
Musthafa N Abdullah CMA(US)

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Dear Kalyani,
My apologies for not having replied earlier. I am travelling with no/very limited access to a connected computer.
The journey thus far with IPFC has been most satisfying. Rare to see a teacher as dedicated as Bala Sir and rarer to see academic counselors like your good self. My first session - Part 1 saw me mastering the concepts so badly required for getting through CMA. Bala Sir's explanations made difficult concepts simple and practical and these got imprinted into my mind. Two things are very much required to get through the CMA - Conceptual clarity and Exam Strategy. Conceptual clarity is Bala Sir's domain and I would have no hesitation in emphatically stating that I have hardly come across a teacher as good as Bala Sir in the mastery of concepts and above all, the ability to transfer that mastery to students in a very easy and lucid form. Students please give yourselves to Bala Sir and you would have mastered the concepts with little or no difficulty.
The other important factor - Exam strategy is entirely in the Students hand- Mocks/Repeating Mocks/ Hock Exam success software should give you the skill to solve 100 Mcqs in less than 3 hours.
I take this opportunity to thank Bala Sir and Kalyani for my success in Part I.

~Warm Regards
Gururaj Srinivasan

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I was out of preparation for almost with change of location and service and given up on CMA Exam and than i received motivational mails from you around a year back and started with preparation by getting back to classes.
I started with all your whiteboards which made my concepts clear and than worked on software questions from practice point of view..
I was very regular with your Mocks which were quite beautifully designed and feedback helps a lot in clearing your concepts.
I feel once you go all through these you should always practice all questions in software as it gives you variety although Mocks are more complex but you still need practice more and more as you get good exposure to variety of questions.
Thanks for motivating and guiding and expect the same in clearing Part 1 and passing CMA IN 2018.

~Thanks and Regards
Jitesh Sharma

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I was a dropout CMA candidate with only part -1 passed few years before. Lost all hopes and dream to become CMA. But Bala sir did not lose hope, remembering his students always once enrolled with IPFC. I don’t have words of thanks and cannot express my feelings
His consistent email reminders and continued motivation forced me and pulled me back to the classes and re-started my journey to become CMA. With four months preparation which includes approx. 90% class attendance, mock test, homework, his feedback made my task easily manageable and passed part-2 in this Jan/Feb-18 window.
I really agree now to pass CMA both parts it requires only 9-12 months preparation by consistently attending and carefully listening in all the classes, appearing in mocks & home works and repeatedly going through the feedbacks, white boards and listening to videos two or three times in a week is more than enough. CMA exams are very tough, but it is tricky and that trick can be developed by any one if each and every word and phrase spoken by Bala sir during classes is listened carefully.
Long live Bala sir and IPFC.

~Thanks and Regards
Mushaffa Ahmad
Accountant at Qatar Navigation

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Dear Ma'am,
IPFC has helped me prepare and build confidence in order to sit for my exam. Till now i have taken my Part 1 exam. The classes helped me understand the topics and the way the sums were taught to us, the teachers made it easier and we were able to catch the concept in one go. We were taught what was important and instead of getting into the details, we knew what we were supposed to study and this helped us save time. The frequent mock tests helped to boost our confidence and cleared certain doubts which were important from the perspective of the exam. We were given topic wise homework which clarified the topic and helped us to take the mock tests. Attending the classes is very important and that itself covers the topic. In all, IPFC has been a constant support throughout my preparation for this exam.

~Thanks You
Tavishi Gupta

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