International Professional Financial Careers Academy

IPFC Academy, is one of the world’s successful American Accounting Course Provider in the online education market emerged in 2010 as the architect of the career path of thousands of Finance Careerists who required a responsible trainer to build them from the scratch. Today IPFC’s Live Online Interactive Classrooms work as a learning platform for more than 2500 Finance Students and Professionals of 70 countries of the world. IPFC’s uniqueness lies in its ability to shelter working professionals and students of any state of maturity under its multicultural umbrella.

IPFC Academy offers a wide range of International Financial Professional courses, like CMA US, CPA US, CIA US and ACCA UK, and is committed to providing high-quality education to its students. With its flexible online learning environment, IPFC Academy enables professionals from around the world to access training courses that fit their schedules and career goals.

Today, IPFC Academy creates the HIGHEST pass rates in Middle East, Africa and Asia beating China. Our internationally qualified lead faculty also recognized as the world’s best with its unique teaching methodology and real time online one-to-one interaction helps students understand the toughest profession oriented subject matters easily. The quality of exposure in our classes provides demonstrative solutions to the problems in the minds of our students in their respective professional fields. IPFC Academy’s unique lucid mode of training comes as a breather for freshers and professionals struggling for a QUALIFIED STATUS through rigorous long duration indigenous professional accounting courses.


Our Vision

IPFC visualizes bringing International Professional Accounting education like CMA(US) in the main stream for meritorious and ambitious students as a more prospective, powerful yet cost effective alternative to traditional educations like MBA, Engineering or even long term Indian accountancy courses.


Our Mission

IPFC aims to provide extensive coaching for international courses like CMA(US) & CIA(US) through online live video mode with the motto of empowering our students with the latest trends and techniques of financial engineering required to survive and rule in the global job market.



International Professional Financial Careers, a future Indian MNC, is born with a promise. We have customized our goal to provide high end quality education on International Financial Engineering which revolves more around engineering and business philosophy and less around accounting philosophy. We behold finance and accounting education not from the complex perspective of accountants but from a simple, rational engineering and business view point.

The Man, behind IPFC:

The visionary behind IPFC who himself is an Engineer, MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, ICWA, CMA (US), CFM (US) and Licensed International Financial Analyst from USA was pained to see the rat race for present day engineering and MBA education, the quality of such education and the extremely competitive job market for them. When he found that 40%+ of IIT+IIM graduates go for finance jobs he asked himself why not the students directly get into finance education without wasting time for JEE, Engineering, MBA entrance and MBA? He saw that a CMA or CPA who works in very close Dubai, Singapore neighborhood or distant US or Canada, saves more than an IIM graduate earns in India. Also, the salary for current CMAs and CPAs in India is many times better than a government college Engineer or MBA gets (Non IIT, Non NIT Btech, and Non IIM MBA). He further saw that CA students after prolonged try with the CA exam, gives up hope and has to remain satisfied with a semi-accountant (INTER) status…
He was pained to see that good, hardworking finance staffs are not being promoted despite the wishes of the managements simply because they do not have a qualified accountant status.
IPFC started only in Aug, 2010 in Kolkata and today it has a wide student base in entire India, Middle East and North America in the online mode.

25 Reasons to Join IPFC

Parameters Others Institutes IPFC-for-World
Class Hours 50 - 60 Hours 150+ Hours, Lifetime
Allowed retake classes if failed? No Yes, continues until passes at no extra cost
4th Hour (Essay Hour) Movement rate 40 - 60% 90 - 95%
Pass rates in a Window 10 - 25% 50 - 60%
World Top Scorer maker? No Yes.
Victor Singh, Gayathree Suryanarayanan, Sudhir Sivadas, Pratap Das, Dinesh Iyer
Competitive with US/Europe in pass rate? No Yes, Check the pass rates
Customer Support Unknown hours 18 hours a day
Admin Support in IMA matters Unknown IPFC takes all IMA admin loads
Collects IMA Fees on IMA behalf Mostly No Yes
Missed out class support Missed class leads to dropout Video Recording given
Fees (Books, Software, Tuition, Supports) USD 2500 - 3300 USD 1500/USD 1300
Faculty Qualifications and Diversity:
Top MBA?
CFO? Programmer?
Yes or No
Mostly No
Yes, Graduate Top-School Civil Engineer
Yes, IIM Ahmedabad MBA, see Rankings
Had been a CFO in Realty sector
Yes, programs students brain using AI
Dropout Rate High Low, IPFC motivates dropouts to join back FREE
Faculty stability Faculties may resign from job Faculty is in owners group, has high stake
Have Own Mocks? Mostly No Yes, plenty of them
Have Own Notes? Limited, high reliance on publishers Extensive, low reliance on publishers
Students get feedbacks Mostly No Yes, periodic advancement feedback
Convenience in attending class You will need to ply from home to office to get the lecture. You will spend money, energy, time as you ply. U miss some classes too. You will pursue the course in LIVE, INTERACTIVE mode from your home machine or Mobile device and save energy, time that you will use for study
Student Satisfaction Survey? Mostly No, Low satisfaction Regularly done, 95% satisfaction
Transparency in everything Unknown High Transparency
Student Diversity City based, limited diversity Global class, students from 45+ countries
Integrity in disclosing pass rates Many have doubtful integrity Perfect integrity in full disclosuress
Institute's focus Completing the batch Making you pass
Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Another CMA Institute Leader, converts average students to CMA
Faculty approachability Limited Very high, down to earth, caring person

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