Choose the right training partner for CMA USA exam preparation


These has always been an important point in the minds of learners.

  • How to choose the right training partner?
  • How to decide on the training?
  • Should I buy books and learn on my own?
  • What is the process to sit for the exam?

How is CMA(US) different?

Before we start with the identification of the training partner, we need to understand that how is CMA(US) different than our Indian professional qualifications and exams. The major points of differences are :

  1. US examinations are computer based vis a vis the Indian system where the exams are held using the traditional paper pen mode. In a computer based exam, the evaluation is automatic. There are no human intervention. Hence there is no scope of error and human sentiments which can come into play. In a traditional exams, sometimes, you get marks for the steps which is not possible in case of a computer based exam. Hence the scoring strategy is very different.
  2. CMA USA exam is MCQ (Multiple Choice Question). Out of the total 4 hours of the exam, 3 hours are dedicated to answering 100 MCQs, and the remaining 1 hour requires answering 2 broad questions. On one side, it is good that you can see the correct answers in front of you and you can choose the right one, on the other hand, the answers can be very confusing as the options look very similar and all of them seem to be correct.
  3. Conceptual level evaluation. Unlike the Indian exams where the questions are more academic and theoretical in nature, the questions in CMA USA are more on a conceptual level. Hence, the preparation mode for such exams are different. Just reading books and going for exam will not help you much. Hence to clear the US CMA exam, you need to have the right preparation strategy. A preparation strategy includes a proper training by proper trainer and will include mock sessions which will help you clear your concepts.

Now we know the major difference of a US CMA vis a vis our Indian Professional certifications. Let us then discuss about what should be your strategy to choose the right partner for training.


With the CMA US gaining popularity, a lot of training institutes have mushroomed and have started giving the training. Be careful to choose institutes who have been operating in this field for more than 10 years. Stable companies, which can survive for more than 10 years, have a low chance of winding up, reducing the risk of you losing money.

Faculty profile

Faculties play the most vital role in the journey of CMA USA. It is very important that faculties are CMA US qualified themselves. This will ensure that they have travelled the path themselves before helping you out. There are a lot of institute where the faculties are qualified in Indian certifications. With due respect to the qualification, the teaching method for US CMA is different. So Indian-certified faculties are not the best fit.

Due to this reason, the best preferred method of getting trained is online since the quality of the trainer and the delivery methods are monitored and uniform for all students. Opting for an offline class means relying on the local trainer and their delivery method, which may not meet the required standards. However, the fees which you pay will be at par for the training.

Pass rate

This is the most marketing term for any institute. It is very important to understand the number of students who pass every window and not just one window. There are many institutes where the students might pass in only 1 window and the balance 2 windows are blank. So one must consider the calculation of pass rate for all windows and not just one window.. Do not go by the absolute number. You may get statements like “we have more than 50 students passing in every window“. Check how many appeared and out of which 50 passed. If 500 appeared, then the pass rate is 10%

Mock questions

The exam cost of a CMA USA is much higher than our Indian Professional qualifications. You cannot risk to sit for the exam without proper preparation. Since the exam is online, ensure that your institute gives you online mocks and not a paper pen mock. Ensure to check the number of mocks being given. Some have a restriction and will allow you only a certain amount of mocks after which you will need to pay additional charges. Be careful of such traps. Also, check how many mocks are available with the institute. 

Doubt clearance

Many a times, during a class, it might be difficult to ask a question. Some students feel shy in asking questions also thinking that the question might not be relevant to the topic. Check the doubt clearing mechanism which is available. Ideal scenario is when you can consult a faculty on a 1 on1 basis instead of a group. That way you get more attention and can resolve your doubts much more quickly.

Student service

Since the process to apply for the exam and book the exam is different, it is crucial to check the services being offered by the institute. They should be able to help you with the IMA registration process and the Prometric Exam booking process on time.

IMA Authorized partner

Check for this status. Institutes coming under this status can get your good discount on the IMA Registration, Entrance and the exam fees. There are very few training partners authorized by IMA. The authorization happens based on various parameters and checks. However, the ones I have tried to mention above are some of the training partners that are not covered by IMA.

All the best for your search !!!!

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